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Martin Scorcese is the man that never sleeps.  I mean this is a guy who loves his work maybe even as much as his fans love his films.  As if Goodfellas, Casino, Shutter Island and all the other smash hit movies he has made isn't enough, now he will be taking HBO by storm with his soon to be hit series Boardwalk Empire.  He will have some help from Terence Winter the producer of The Sopranos.  Not that he needs the help, but we all know the masterpieces that can be accomplished when great minds work together on a project like this.  Could this satisfy the craving we have had ever since the last episode of The Sopranos?  I certainly hope so.

Boardwalk Empire will take place in Atlantic City, NJ- not a long shot away from the setting of The Sopranos, though it will take place in the 20's when prohibition has just begun and bootlegging started to become very profitable.  Steve Buscemi is the lead character Enoch "Nucky" Thompson, a character .  Given Buscemi's extensive and accomplished background in acting, I am highly confident that he can live up to our expectations as the corrupted and greedy leader of Atlantic City.  His character teeters on the edge of gangster and politician as he takes every advantage possible to make as much money as he can from his underground operations.

The trailers for Boardwalk Empire are very attractive with beautiful faces and rugged gangsters dressed to the hilts and packing.  It seems that the new series might offer the seduction, danger, suspense and gangster style that The Sopranos brought us.  They certainly didn't skimp when it comes to delivering a great cast with stars such as Michael Shannon (Bug), Michael Pitt(Bully) and Stephen Graham as Al Capone.  Actors that have gone somewhat unnoticed for being involved in mostly independent films or having short roles will now have the opportunity to gain notoriety with Boardwalk Empire.

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Boardwalk Empire The New Sopranos

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This article was published on 2010/09/08