Paper Printing Technology In China, "journey To The West"

in Empire

Tang Jun in Papermaking Artisans, DA logic in Sri Lanka battle captured, the paper making was introduced to the Arab.

Chinese papermaking and Print Technique spread to Europe, there is an important intermediary, that is Persian? Arab cultural sphere of influence.

China, the two inventions changed human history, but this change can be Energy Tang Empire was a shame that the war, may arise from a near farce inflation.

Tang Empire and the Arab Empire in Central Asia rivalry, aggressive high Xianzhi underestimate the enemy, defeat Sri Lanka in the DA logic.

According to modern archaeological proof, 105 AD, Cai Lun invented papermaking, the paper's use of the rapid westward along the Silk Road, to the late 5th century, under the rule of the Western Region of China has been the widespread use of paper. However, I do not know whether it is because China's paper making technology was on the silk production techniques as the same as prevent sticking, the Chinese papermaking technique to the West but as late as 751 AD, the DA logic Sri Lanka battle. Almost all of the books and articles in this famous battle will account for the Chinese Tang dynasty and the great food (Arab), with the competition for control of the war in Central Asia, in fact, and Tang Jun was fighting the Persian army??, Of course, This account is not as wrong, because at that time Persian has been a province of the Arab Empire. Sri Lanka battle

DA logic is CHANGJI Tang Jun commander. His native Korea, burly, courage and bravery, keen to Zhang Yang Datang reputation in the dash in Central Asia, so all are subservient Hu Tang Empire, when the man called "the blow." 747 years CHANGJI as Anxi Jiedushi, Tang Dynasty of Central Asia in the ICP at the peak of the sound. 751, Jun Gong Shi CHANGJI rate of the country, Shiguo Guo Wang surrendered CHANGJI prisoners and beheaded in the palace of the next. Kill drop is standard taboo CHANGJI fiasco started this. "King's son escaped Yi Zhu Shi Hu, a deceptive lure Tan Bao told Xianzhi the like. Zhu Hu were angry attack submarine cited a total of four towns big appetite." ("Comprehensive Mirror for Aid? Tang Ji 32")

Attracted all the major food Hu military commander as Abu? Muslims. He is a man of Persian Khorasan, Buddhism slave origin, religion confrontation with the Arab Sunnis, Shiites, the Shiite doctrine in the north-eastern Persia, Khorasan region important disseminators of the local population has a high reputation. 747 years (and CHANGJI the same year as Anxi Jiedushi), Abu? Muslim rate of Khorasan peasant army uprising, 750 scored in Damascus to overthrow the Arab Umayyad dynasty (661-750) of the rule, crowned Prophet Muhammad's great-great-uncle, Abu? Abbas as caliph, the establishment of the Abbasid Dynasty (750-1258). The contribution by Da Jiangshan Persians, quickly occupied the Arab Empire at all levels of positions, so that the Arab Empire, political system and social culture of the Abbasid dynasty in full to the Persian of. Abu? Muslim to become the ruler of Khorasan province, the province's territory in the Arab Empire, "is largely an autonomous province" (Hitti, "History of Arab"). Abu? Muslim commander's call Luoshan Jun Abbasid dynasty in maintaining the rule of guards, with a strong fighting force.

At that time, the Arab Empire and the Tang Empire in Central Asia can be said to equal the race. 751 in July, Zhu Hu for help, the middle Abu? Muslims play into the hands. Some strategist, Abu? Muslim army to send the Department will Ziad rate induced Tang Jun depth. CHANGJI underestimate the enemy, rate of force away from the Four Garrisons of Anxi, Hu to over 700 in-depth, in the DA logic Sri Lanka (Taraz, in this southern Kazakhstan) River and the Abu? Muslims call Luoshan Jun powerful experience. No less than military stalemate on the 5th, CHANGJI force in the Department of chicken Hu Jun Ge Luolu revolt and attack from respiratory Luoshan Jun Tang Jun, CHANGJI defeat. Is served, more than 70,000 officers and men of the Tang Dynasty about 50,000 killed, 20,000 captured, and the remaining thousands of people only, CHANGJI Department will escort fled in Anxi. Sri Lanka battle

DA logic captured in the Tang Dynasty, brought papermaking technology, the Arab Empire Center has three major paper Although Sri Lanka battle

DA logic Tang and large food fight in a war in Central Asia, but the situation in Central Asia at the time did not have a significant impact.

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Paper Printing Technology In China, "journey To The West"

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